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Title:  Prom night (Or how Dean had two chick-flick moments in one night and really didn't mind)
Characters: Dean, Castiel mentions of Anna, Sam, Micheal, Lucifer, and John
Rating: nc-17
Warnings: scmoop then shameless smut, then more schmoop
Summary: written for my  hs_bingo prompt "prom night"  High school Au where Dean sucks at asking serious questions, and Cas is a sarcastic tease.
a/n: this is my first fic and I don't currently have a beta so any and all mistakes are mine.


Dean and Cas spend prom night in their favorite mom and pop fifties style diner in Tacoma. Cas never intended to go to prom and the fact that his little sister Anna had been dead set on going with Dean hadn’t helped his mood towards the end of prom season. Anna’s pretty and she’s nice enough, but going to prom with his boyfriends’ sister was just too Jerry Springer for Dean; Besides, Anna is the whole reason Dean even has Cas. Despite that Cas is abhors prom Dean has something for Cas that’s either gonna make this night awesome, or make it the worst night of Dean’s life.

“Dean!” Dean looks over at Cas, who judging by the look on his face, and the bored looking waitress standing next to him, has been calling him for a while.

“Yes, Castiel Novak?” Cas hates it when people call him by his full first name.

‘Don’t call me that”, He snaps. “What are you ordering?”  They’ve been coming here since they became inseparable best friends in 3rd grade, and Dean always orders a double bacon cheeseburger with onion rings and a chocolate milkshake. Every time they come Cas asks him what he’s ordering like it’s going to suddenly change.

          “I’ll have a fruit salad” He relishes the look of surprise on Cas’s face after he says it. “What’s wrong, Castiel Novak? Am I not allowed to order more healthy choices, Castiel Novak?”  He sits back and counts the seconds until Cas stabs him in the face with a butter knife. Instead, all Cas does is sit back smirk at him and order a banana milkshake. He knows Cas is going somewhere with this and the smirk makes him extremely  nervous, that’s Cas’s bedroom smirk, the patented ‘I’m going to make you come so hard your brain is going to leak out of ears Dean Winchester’ smirk. Getting that smirk in public is not going to end well or, wrong choice of words it’s going to end very well for Dean it’s just that Cas is a screamer, and Dean has no self control when it comes to Cas. He’s startled out of his reverie by Cas leaning across the table when none of the patrons or waitresses are looking and kisses him. It’s one of those really good kisses.

          The thing about kissing Cas or Cas in general is that even though they’ve been friends for twelve years, and have been together for three, Dean still gets butterflies when Cas kisses him or smiles the smile that Dean knows Cas reserves for him and only him. It probably makes Dean a giant girl for feeling that way, but it’s totally okay. The only people Dean has ever been able to truly be himself around are Cas, Sam, and Dad. The first day Dean met Cas he was sitting outside crying with Sammy over finally loosing Mary, his mother to cancer. Dean was six, Sammy was only two. Cas came over from his porch, hugged Dean, and promised to always take care of Dean and Sammy.

          Their food arrives and Dean and Cas are still kissing. The waitress gives them a small smile and goes back over to the counter to giggle about them with the other waitresses. Dean discovers the reason for Cas’s smirk earlier and why he only ordered a milkshake. The milkshake is white, the dim lights make Cas’s impossibly blue eyes a beautiful azure color, and he keeps licking the milkshake that’s spilling over the rim of his glass. He takes the straw in his mouth and stokes the straw up and down with his pornographically long fingers while he drinks.

“Dean, oh Dean it’s so good”. Cas’s voice is rough when he says it, and he licks a stray drop off his bottom lip absently. He’s pretty sure he could come just from the sight alone. They’re in a dimly lit but still heavily crowded diner and Cas is sitting there moaning and groaning like a whore. Dean reaches over, dips his finger into Cas’s milkshake and is pulling his hand back when Cas catches his hand and starts sucking the milkshake off Dean’s finger. The only reason he doesn’t tell Cas that he has something he can really suck on is because he’s pretty sure that’s where Cas is going with this.

“I have to use the restroom, don’t you, Dean?” to the people sitting next to them it must sound like a perfectly innocent question, but Cas’s pupils are huge, only a small ring of blue is visible and he’s panting a little.

“You know what, I think I do babe” It’s good to know he can still talk seeing as al the blood in his body has to be in his dick right now.

They practically run to the bathroom and as soon as Dean closes and locks the door and crowds Cas up against said door Cas is practically melting into him, and holy shit if Cas’s regular kisses amaze Dean then the way Cas kisses when he’s turned on is fucking electric .Cas’s hands are everywhere, on his neck, his cheeks, running through his hair, running up and down his back before finally Cas tangles one hand in his hair to pull him closer and brings the other down to undo Dean’s belt buckle and the button to his jeans and slide his hand into Dean’s boxers to stroke him. He somehow manages to get Cas’s pants open through his sex hazed confusion and set up a good rhythm even with the magical hand job Cas is giving him.

          Dean isn’t going to let Cas off easy this time though, Cas insinuated a blow job and so help him God  he’s gonna get one.  He pulls Cas’s hand out of his pants and steps back to admire the beautiful scene in front of him. Cas’s mouth is all red and shiny, his skinny tie it hanging loosely around his neck, his button down is completely unbuttoned,  his skinny jeans are around his ankles, and he’s stroking himself with reckless abandon in the absence of Deans hand. He goes back in for more kisses and gets a hold of Cas’s dick again and sets up a rhythm that has Cas squirming and whining into his mouth. He moves to give suck on Cas’s neck, because Cas loves hickeys and they drive Cas’s over protective older brother s Michael and Lucifer nuts. Cas is moaning into Dean’s ear and presses his face into Dean’s hair to muffle his screams as he comes all over his stomach and Dean’s hand.

          He gives Cas a minute to come down from his orgasm, and then he turns them around so that his back is pressed against the door and Cas is facing him. They lazily kiss for a few seconds until Dean gently pushes Cas to his knees in front of him. Cas drops little kisses all over Dean’s dick and balls before finally taking the head into his mouth. Cas’s blowjobs are the opposite of his personality. Cas is fastidious; he’s neat, respectful, and kind. Cas’s always blows Dean just the way Dean likes it: sloppy.  Cas is bobbing his head up and down, slurping and gagging and the noises alone are getting Dean close to the edge. Cas sits back to catch his breath and Dean sees that there’s a line of spit and pre come running down his chin he looks down and see that his cock is shining with spit.

           Cas starts deep throating Dean again before leaning back on his heels and says in a totally wrecked voice “come on, give it to me babe” and opening his mouth. Cas has always gotten off on being face fucked ever since they first started getting sexual Cas has loved it. Dean takes hand-full’s of jet black hair in his hands and sets a brutal pace fucking in and out of Cas’s wet, warm mouth. All it takes is Cas to look up at him before he’s coming al over Cas’s face and in his hair. He rests his head back against the door to regain his composure while Cas stands, puts himself away ad goes over to the sink to was off his face and get the specks of come out of his hair. After about three minutes Dean puts himself away washes his hands and he and Cas exit to the front of the Diner to pay their bill.

          They end up making love later that night out in the picnic grounds by Puget Sound.  They’re wrapped up in a blanket lazily kissing and nuzzling when Dean decides he’s put it off long enough.

“Cas?” Dean asks tentatively, Dean knows Cas heard the crack in his voice and can probably fell how sweaty his hands have gotten.

“Yes, Dean?” Cas looks so beautiful all lit up by the moon.

“You know I love you right?” Dean doesn’t say it as often as Cas does, but he means it every time.  Cas is looking nervous now and Dean needs this to work or he doesn’t know what he’ll do.

“You wanna like uh, you know get married?” and damn that didn’t come out anything like he planned. He decides that fuck it this is how he rolls and digs the ring box out oh his jacket pocket.

Cas is staring at him like he’s just announced he wants to take up professional yodeling.

“oh my God, Dean what I you- yes!” He definitely needs a hearing aid because there’s no way Cas just agreed to marry him.

“You mean yes you’ll marry me right?” he’s gotta confirm he could have passed out and is now imagining things.

“Of course I’ll marry you!” Dean puts the ring on Cas’s finger and his face falls. “Dean, how did you afford this? These have gotta be real sapphires!” it’s so fitting that Cas is worried about Dean with a 1,089 dollar ring on his finger.

“I’ve been saving since we got together. You’re it for me Cas, I don’t wanna be with anybody else I just love you so much and I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.” Cas is crying. And not the ‘oh my God that joke is so funny’ kind of laugh the ‘I’ve just finished watching the Notebook’ crying. By deciphering what Cas is saying through his hiccups and his face being buried in Dean’s neck he manages to figure out that Cas is crying tears of joy.  They spend two more hours out by the lake with Cas pausing in the middle of his sentences to stare down at his ring. “Holy shit Dean we’re gonna be married! Well technically we’ll be domestic partners but still!”

          Cas sneaks Dean into his house that night. The creep past Cas’s respective brothers room and Anna’s room. Five minutes later they’re both settled in bed and Cas is warm and sleeping in Dean’s arms engagement ring still on his finger. They’ll have to deal with Cas’s brothers and Dean’s dad in the morning but right now all Dean can think is “best prom night ever.”

Tags: authors: f, genre: au/ar, rating: nc-17, type: fic, word count: 1000-4999
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